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URJA is the apex body of RWAs in Delhi. It was set up in 2005. Its primary responsibility has been to gather, analyze, disseminate information & aggregate public opinion to demand efficient delivery of civic amenities, health services, security, clean air and water to residents of Delhi through an accountable, efficient and responsive government. Around 2500 RWAs along with significant NGOs of the city are associated with URJA.

  • About the Event:

Delhi’s rapid urbanization and unprecedented growth has brought about formidable environmental related challenges such as air pollution. Air pollution in India is estimated to kill around 1.5 million people every year as it is the fifth largest killer in India.

The Delhi Clean Air Forum is a campaign designed to provide fact-based and well-informed debates on the science of air pollution in our daily lives, its implications on health, the local economy and our society and at the same time, drawing media's attention to the sources, impacts and policies addressing problems and solutions. URJA along with its partners are working towards curating and shaping together a discourse on finding solutions towards the issue. While at the same time building a roadmap for a smart urban neighborhood. The campaign will cover most urgent sustainable community issues covering community resilience, local green economic development, energy efficiency, renewable energy, low carbon transportation and excellence in climate citizenship. However, this would require developing new forms of collaboration and partnerships at local level.

The Delhi Clean Air Forum has been setup with an aim to provide a unique opportunity for the company to impress its commitment to social responsibility with the communities, resident welfare associations, municipal authorities, professionals, and political & executive decision makers from Government of India and Government of NCT of Delhi. The campaign will engage and build the capacity of local communities through a series of dialogues & training workshops. The programme will also offer unique opportunities to discuss various sustainability issues that lead to cleaner air. The forum will discuss sustainable growth opportunities in the cities and neighborhoods and will also look at learnings and the way forward drawn from these strategies.

Proposed Highlights of the Delhi Clean Air Forum:

  • Debate and discuss local problem that are leading up to Air Pollution and a potential road-map for smart and sustainable neighborhood in Delhi NCR.
  • Identify implementable action plans for improvement in key urban services and infrastructure like transportation, street lighting, solid waste management, sanitation etc.
  • Inclusion of energy efficiency technologies and practices and use of renewable energy technologies.
  • A platform to display best practices across smart cities around the globe.
  • Exhibition of smart technologies by different service providers.

  • Why Important For IODA?:

The Clean Air Forum was an important event for IODA because:

a) It helped in connecting with multiple RWAs and showcasing the platform on air-quality standards across different locations of Delhi.

b) It helped in showcasing the custom-built open source environment monitoring device called AirOwl.

c) It further helped in building an idea of how different RWAs can come together and conduct workshops on environment monitoring devices which people can use, maintain all by themselves and also share the data for a larger public.

d) The event was also critical for different RWAs to understand how they could utilize the hardware solutions and the data in developing sound solutions for the community.

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