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Open Environment Data Project

The journey of "India Open Environment Data Project" began in 2015 during the Hackathon event in Nasik called Kumbhathon, where a group of ideators and makers joined hands together in assessing the changes in the environmental parameters with a sudden spike in the population rate during the "Kumbh Mela" festival in Nasik. The team participated in both Kumbhathon 5 and 6 and got the opportunity of meeting people who were complete strangers but were bound by the common interest of seeking new knowledge and building something innovative and socially meaningful for the people of Nasik. The beauty of this event was that it brought in complete strangers together in evolving an idea which could be highly significant to the the city's citizens. It was an indicator of there being in India, a possibility of having a diverse section of people coming together and working towards a common idea which ultimately can lead to something innovative and multifarious.

Kumbhathon 5 & 6 and Delhi initiative

Team meeting the 1st time (Kumbhathon 5)
Work in progress (Kumbhathon 5)
1st prototype (Kumbhathon 5)
Demonstrating the working of the device (Kumbhathon 5)
Firmware design and programming (Kumbhathon 6)
Hardware assembly (Kumbhathon 6)
2nd design in progress (Kumbhathon 6)
Design ready for deployment (Kumbhathon 6)
Device up and running (Kumbhathon 6)
Device setup at Gurgaon office (Delhi)
Firmware testing in progress (Delhi)
Devices ready for deployment (Delhi)
Installation in progress (Delhi)
Ready...set and go!! (Delhi)
Device installation at DPCC center, R.K. Puram (Delhi)
Installing EMK version 6 at DPCC center, R.K. Puram (Delhi)

Kumbhathon 5 took place from 28th June to 4th July, 2015. Mrutyunjay Mishra, one of the founding members of IODA, participated in that event to look for people who were interested in hardware and software applications and could help in designing a prototype device which could assess the air-quality in Nasik. The idea was to produce a kind of device which could be cost-effective and scalable to different locations of Nasik so that people could have access to rich environmental data for active community participation. There he came across a bunch of enthusiastic makers of different age groups, willing to work together to fulfil the desired objectives.

Kumbhathon 6 event took place during August 2015. The plan of execution during Kumbhathon 6 was to deploy the designed devices to random locations across Nasik and collect the data and visualize it for public use. However, during the course, some of the existing makers of the project left and the team, short of people, could not fully execute the project. However, with the help of local connections some people offered to volunteer in this project. Along with them, some new players also came in to participate in this social initiative.

The results of the Nasik initiative led to replicating the similar idea but in a more developed urban scenario. Delhi was seen to be the best area to conduct the air-quality monitoring initiative as the city has been suffering from this dilemma for a quite long time. However, this time the focus was towards promoting an active community participation from different sections of the society via sharing of the air-quality data with the public in a most easy and ready-to-use format, which in the current context was largely missing. In this journey of ours, we came across different groups of people who were very enthusiastic towards this initiative and eagerly wanted to participate. The list of all the people who were associated with this project from the beginning till now were:

Photo Name Role When Got Involved Social Media Link
Abhishek Agarwal Abhishek is the Founder and CEO of BoldKiln who has helped the team by sharing his expertise in utilizing online social media platforms for creating effective noise and connecting with different community members. He and his team at BoldKiln are also extending their generous efforts in the outreach to the mass public through digital media. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Abhjishek Kapoor.jpg
Abhishek Kapoor Abhishek is currently a software engineer at Juxt-Smart Mandate (JSM). He joined the team during Kumbhathon 6. He was primarily responsible for the server setup as well as back-end programming for the storage of data from the devices to the servers as well as its easy accessibility. He also played a key role in designing the visualization theme, i.e., a map of Nasik on which the devices were shown as pointers providing air-quality data of the specific locations of Nasik. Kumbhathon 6 LinkedIn Profile
Ankit Vyas Ankit joined the team along with Sohil for the development of devices for Delhi based on Nashik field test experience. He is a product designer and was instrumental in designing vacuum formed covers for the environment monitoring kits (EMKs) as well as helping us in deploying the devices to key locations of Delhi such as the DPCC center at R.K. Puram. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Ankur Rawal Ankur contributed us in the brainstorming. Kumbhathon 5 Linkedin Profile
Arjav Parikh Arjav was introduced to the team by Sohil. Arjav along with Sohil came to the Gurgaon office from Ahmadabad to assemble the EMKs now equipped with improved cases that offered protection even from rain. Arjav along with Sohil helped in assembling 50 devices that were ready for deployment across different locations of Delhi. Delhi Facebook Profile
Ashutosh Dixit Mr. Dixit is the CEO of URJA (United Residents Joint Action) which is an apex body of around 2500 RWAs working in the areas of providing civic amenities, health services, security, clean air and water to residents of Delhi through an accountable, efficient and responsive government. Mr. Dixit was extremely helpful in this project by providing the team key locations across northern, southern, eastern and western parts of Delhi where the device could be deployed for air-quality data transmission. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Ashish Datta Ashish is a B.Tech(Computer Science) from MIT, Manipal and MBA (IT) from ICFAI. A true software developer at Juxt-Smart Mandate (JSM), he drives research & innovation for using IT to simplify and provide on demand analytics. Ashish joined the project during Kumbhathon 6 and was responsible for designing the back-end structure which involved writing codes for the server to classify the data from the devices and organize them in the form of tables for easy data extraction. Kumbhathon 6 Linkedin Profile
Akansha Dixit Student of Army Institute of Technology, Pune, Akansha played a key role in the hardware setup as well as firmware programming of the devices for deployment in Nasik. Kumbhathon 5 Facebook Profile
Arjun Singh Student of Army Institute of Technology, Pune, Arjun was responsible for the firmware design of the environment monitoring devices under this project. Kumbhathon 5 Facebook Profile
Christa Hasenkopf Christa Hasenkopf is an atmospheric scientist, passionate about fighting air inequality across the world. She loves starting up environmental open data projects that give the public data, insights and voices they previously did not have. She is convinced doing so will have a transformative effect on public health and the environment.

Hasenkopf is co-founder and CEO of OpenAQ, the world's first real-time open air quality data platform, created by an open-source community of scientists, software developers, journalists, and lovers of open data. She is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins in the Environmental Science & Policy Program, part of the Advanced Academic Program..

Delhi Facebook Profile
Dr. Deepak Chaudhary Dr. Chaudhary is one of the most renowned pulmonologist in India. Dr. Chaudhary liked the idea of air-quality assessment in Delhi and has willingly accepted to be a part of this initiative. Dr Chaudhary has contributed to this initiative by sharing some key facts through his experience which has helped the project by targeting the community in a much better fashion as well as sharing in great details the health effects which the public is currently facing due to bad air-quality. Delhi Medical Profile
Dhruv Saidava Dhruv was also introduced to the team by Sohil. Dhruv too came from Ahmadabad to Gurgaon to assemble the 50 EMKs that were meant to be deployed across different locations of Delhi. Delhi Facebook Profile
Drishti Mrigwani Drishti is an enthusiastic and energetic member of IODA. Not only is she an open data evangalist but also a superb manager in handling multiple different tasks of IODA. Delhi Facebook Profile
Jai Dhar Gupta Jai is a social entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Nirvana Being. Jai himself has been a victim of air-pollution in Delhi and due to his close experience with the health complications that air-pollution had caused him, Jai has willingly shown interest in being part of this initiative. Jai has not only given valuable inputs in terms of shaping up of the project but has also offered a stable platform like the Delhi Clean Air Fair for the team to showcase their initiative. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Jimish oizom.jpg
Jimish Parekh Jimish is a full stack developer and an avid movie and comic junkie. Jimish enjoys his world of coding and never shy away from experimenting with new programmes and softwares. Jimish was primarily responsible for designing the next level visualization theme for the project. The new level of visualization not only had the finesse but was extremely interactive from the user's point of view. All this was accomplished by Jimish in 4 days. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Juhi Wiki ioda.jpg
Juhi Hasan Juhi Hasan is the Content Marketer and Researcher with India Open Data Association. Her background is in History, from University of Delhi and Media Governance from Jamia Millia Islamia. She has also worked with Khoj Foundation, where she taught underprivileged children about social evils that exist in our society like- child abuse, child marriage, drug abuse and many other such sensitive issues.She has been actively participating in various creative and social activities. Cooking, singing, dancing and drawing are some of her interesting hobbies. Delhi Facebook Profile
Kanica Jain Kanica is the newest member of the IODA family. She is currently pursuing MBA from NMIMS and is handling the research part of making open data initiatives financially sustainable. Kanica is also an avid social media enthusiast and enjoys developing different kinds of content for social media presence. Delhi Facebook Profile
KV 300dpi.JPG
Keith Varghese Keith Varghese is a graduate from the Gujarat National Law University and is a university level basketball player. He is an environment lawyer and an Associate at the Enviro Legal Defense Firm. His expertise is in the field of Air & Noise Pollution laws, Nuclear law, Plantations and Oceans & Coastal law. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Kirat Singh Rawat Kirat, an accountant officer of JSM, is a multi-tasking specialist who not only helped in the assembly of the EMKS but also in getting other additional components for the devices in a swift manner. Kirat officially joined the team after it came back from Nasik and began developing its Delhi initiative. Delhi Facebook Profile
Krishna Kumar Mr. Kumar has 20 years of experience in project management, sales and marketing, technology implementation, media and digital media, content generation, brand management and new business startup. He is currently the COO of 9.9 Media. Mr Kumar liked the initiative of the air-quality monitoring in Delhi and has associated himself in it. Mr Kumar has been very generous in giving valuable inputs to the team regarding the execution of the project in Delhi. Delhi Linkedin Profile
10.Kumbhathon6 Davids Helped find locations.jpg
Lakshmi Sorab David and Roy David Lakshmi, a friend of Mirra and a chain smoker, she was responsible for bringing tasty biryani for the team. She and her husband Roy called up their friends for selecting the locations to deploy the devices across Nasik. They were also kind enough to drive the whole team to different parts of Nasik city for location hunting. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Linkedin Profile
Lavanya Addapali Because of her mobile tower project, Lavanya knew all the telecom companies traffic as well as the nature of service in Nasik. She was also aware of the kind of tower connectivity which each service provider had and used her sources to get the right amount of SIM cards for the devices. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Facebook Profile
Laveesh Bhandari Laveesh Bhandari is an economist and the Director of Indicus Foundation. Laveesh not only introduced us to URJA but also facilitated other critical meetings and advised us in scientific selection of location, data structure and various visualization themes. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Mahavir Dwivedi A student of Army Institute of Technology, Pune, Mahavir was an asset in this project as he helped in the hardware setup of the device as well as designing the firmware for effective operation of the system. Kumbhathon 5 Facebook Profile
Mayur Dhagiya Mayur Dhagiya is the inventory manager at Oizom Instruments Pvt Limited. He has been actively a part of the Open Environment by ensuring all environment enthusiasts receive the Airowl and their Air Quality Monitor works perfectly. Delhi Facebook Profile
Mehmood Khan Founder and Managing Trustee of Rasuli Kanwar Khan Trust. Mr Khan is one of the key mentors in this project. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Mirra Savara Mirra is an accomplished marketing and communication professional, currently likes spending time at her exquisite farmhouse on the way of Pune to Nasik. She has been attending every Kumbha Mela for quite some time. When she got to know about the team's participation in Kumbhathon, she dropped in to meet the team but was convinced to stay with them and act as a mentor. But as a bonus, the team started getting a decent breakfast and a lot of motherly care/tasty food. One of the beautiful facts about Mirra was that she made the team learn through their own mistakes and never intervened in the process. Kumbhathon 6 Facebook Profile
Mrutyujay Mishra (M2) An ideator and manager. His bootstrapped analytics company Juxt-Smart Mandate brought in the seed fund to source the open-source hardware and other expenses involved in this project. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Linkedin Profile
Mukesh Kumar Mukesh is an avid full stack developer who likes to work on both front-end and back-end programming of applications with his unique twist of creativity. Mukesh has been involved in stabilizing the visualization format which was earlier designed and was plagued with a lot of performance problems. Mukesh was able to finish the task in a very swift manner despite a lot of pressure of meeting the deadlines. Delhi Linkedin Profile
323611 415726411821657 365769405 o.jpg
Namit Vikram Singh Namit joined the team during January. A curious individual, Namit was completely blown away with the idea of this project and the potential of open-data. A two hour critical discussion finally convinced him to join M2 in his journey in creating an open-data platform in India. Namit has been exposed to different layers of this project. A student of Media Governance, Namit is now able to assemble the EMK easily and write SQL queries to gather data on air-quality. All he needs is some motivating inputs of M2 when he is low, a good company and a glass of beer and hes up and ready for the new set of tasks and challenges. Delhi Namit Vikram Singh
Nikhil Pahwa Nikhil is the founder of Medianama and by far the only known individual who has taken up the issue of net-neutrality to a next level in India. Nikhil is the most critical member of the team and is extremely frank in terms of his views on the whole initiative. His feedbacks are a kind of wake-up call for the whole team when the team begins to slightly digress from its main objectives. Nikhil has been a key asset in this initiative in terms of his rational suggestions and feedbacks. Delhi Nikhil Pahwa
Nilay Kulkarni Nilay was the youngest member of the team. An avid coder and an android programmer, Nilay was part of our brainstorming. He was keen to develop an android based mobile application that would allow access to air-quality data of Nasik. However, he could not develop the application due to unstable data transmission from the devices in Nasik. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Ted Talk Linkedin Profile
Nipun Nayan Sadvilkar Nipun, a student of Mumbai University and an avid electronics and telecommunication enthusiast, he helped in the hardware setup and firmware design of the devices under this project. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Facebook Profile
Nilesh Umerkar Nilesh was an employee of a well known telecommunications service providing firm. He was the Head-in-Charge of sales and he contributed to this project by handling all the important paperwork that was required to be done for arranging the SIM cards for the devices. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 *
Parikshit Jadhav CEO and founder of Binary People, Parikshit is one of the most street-smart chaps that one should wish to have in any project. He accepted to be a part of this initiative within 4 hours of M2 and Srinivas reaching Nasik. He played a crucial role in bringing most of the people and effectively utilized his experience and networks of his past Kumbhathon events in getting various tasks done that were of utmost importance to this project. For instance he took the team to the best places to eat affordable Marathi food in Nasik and made use of his special pass given by the Commissioner of Nasik to access Sadhugram. He was also helpful in swiftfully arranging the Fed Ex parcel to reach its desired location despite KYC complications. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Linkedin Profile
PallaviPant 2016.png
Pallavi Pant Pallavi is an air quality scientist, and conducts research on particulate matter and associated health effects, particularly in developing countries. She also runs a platform on air quality in India, and is deeply passionate about public engagement activities focused on air quality and health. Currently, she is working as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA). Delhi Blog
Pavan Alai Pavan was the local retailer of mobile SIM cards in Nasik. He was involved in organizing the SIM cards which were required for the devices to transmit data to the server. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 *
Dr. Pradeep Panigrahi Dr Panigrahi has over 20 years of experience in Ecology and Sustainability. He is currently the Dy. General Manager (Corporate Sustainability) at Mahindra & Mahindra. Dr Panigrahi has been very kind in terms of sharing the ecological details with the team which are relevant to this project. He has also given some key inputs in terms of structuring the goals and objectives for this initiative in Delhi. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Prashant Prashant is an industrial designer who chose the right kind of design for the hardware assembly of the devices. However, due to lack of access to a 3d printer, the team had to resort to using plastic meter boxes as hardware cover. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 *
Rahul Agarwal Rahul, an enthusiastic hardware specialist, coder and open-data lover, he joined the team in January through Sohil. Rahul considers hardware as his playground and never ceases to experiment with new hardware components. Rahul has been a great help in terms of assembling the devices and updating the firmware as well as helping the team in identifying key problems in the devices and their proper deployment in different locations of Delhi. Delhi Personal Website
Rahul Wavre A young real-estate entrepreneur who owns a whole locality called Wavre Nagar and has been smart enough to put all his unused apartments on AirBNB. His penthouse is the best AirBNB option available in the city and the best value for money service one can get. For some funny reason, Rahul and his employees were extra nice to us in fact instead of repairing the defunct fridge in our room, he got us a new one. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Facebook Profile
Rama Regulla Rama is a Practice Lead at Juxt Smart Mandate. A maths & stats graduate, she is always looking for patterns and stories in data. Rama is a strong believer in an organic lifestyle, grows her vegetables, does her own composting and takes pride in using public transport. Environment and data are two things she deeply connects with. Rama was very helpful in the data analysis part of the project. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Salman Salman played an active role in the assembly of the hardware components as well as designing of the case for environment monitoring devices. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 *
Sambhu Sambu is the best AirBNB caretaker that one can hope for. He not only helped the team by fulfilling all the miscellaneous tasks under the project but also made use of his carpentry skills in designing the 25 covers for the environment monitoring kits. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 *
Sanjay Sindhwani Mr Sidhwani, who is the VP of Digital Products at Economic Times (Digital & Mobile) and the Business Head, has been kind enough for providing his support to this initiative. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Siddharth Rao Siddharth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Webchutney. Siddharth has been very helpful in terms of providing suggestions for digital campaigning of this initiative and how the digital platform can be effectively utilized to create substantial noise within the public for community participation in air-quality management. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Sohil Patel Sohil was introduced to the team by Parikshit. Sohil's involvement was very crucial as he joined during the time when the project needed most of the technical expertise as some of the team members could not associate with the project during Kumbhathon 6 due to their pressing need for campus recruitments. Sohil was equivalent to the 8 people who could not join the project during Kumbhathon 6. He had to leave the next day due to prior commitments, therefore, he began coding the firmware for the devices at 11:30 in the morning and kept on working till late night till the time he was able to solve most of the pivotal firmware issues which were emerging during the testing of the devices in Nasik. Sohil now is working towards setting up his hardware company called Oizom Kumbhathon 6 Website
Srinivas Kodali A civil engineer, an internet researcher and an avid twitter user, Srinivas has completed his civil engineering from IIT Madras and wishes to make use of open-data platform in solving public transportation, traffic and urban issues. He has also worked on solving transportation problems of Chennai and within the campus as well. He has built applications to track location of buses in real-time. Srinivas and M2 met at Bombay and planned for participating in Kumbhathon 5 together. Srinivas has been the part of the conceptual idea of this project along with Ulrike. His association has been very crucial to this project. He played an important role in setting the SQL server for effective transmission of data from the devices to the servers. Kumbhathon 5 Linkedin Profile
Sumandro color profile.jpg
Sumandro Chattapadhyay Sumandro has been one of the key advisers in this project. His feedback on the whole process has been very crucial for the team to lay out the future course of actions. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Dr. Sunita Purushottam Dr Purushottam has been very kind enough to help the team in understanding the details about the AQI, the parameters and the calculations and also assisted our developers in writing the codes for AQI calculations. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Swami Kumarananda Giri Swami Kumarananda Giri shared his blessing for the project and offered the prasad Wink.jpg Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Website
Tannu Mital.jpg
Tanu Mittal Tanu is specialized in Informatics and is a fellow software engineer at JSM. Tanu played a key role in designing the visualization map of Nasik which showed the locations as pointers where the devices were installed and upon selecting, would offer access to the air-quality data. Kumbhathon 6 Linkedin Profile
Thejesh GN Thejesh is an independent technologist, developer, traveler, blogger, open data and open internet enthusiast from Bangalore. He is the co-founder and chairman of DataMeet Trust. Thejesh's involvement in this project has been very positive. Thejesh not only believes in the idea and power of this initiative but has also helped in providing the team the ample public space to exhibit their work to the larger audience. Delhi Linkedin Profile
Ulrike Reinhard She is a digital nomad and a futurist who introduced M2 to datacanvas as well as the concept of open-sandbox. She has been mentoring this project since its inception and has kept opening her networks at the right time to offer this project the capability to reach its next evolutionary stage. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Linkedin Profile
Dr Venugopala Rao Manneni Venu is a doctor in statistics from Osmania University. He works on data mining and machine learning related initiatives at JSM. He has been associated with environment data since the first time Nashik "Kumbh Mela" data came in and has been at it ever since. Kumbhathon 5 & 6 Linkedin Profile
Vijaya Khati Vijaya, a student of Army Institute of Technology, Pune, played a key role in the hardware assembly of the devices and also developing codes for firmware design of the devices. Kumbhathon 5 Facebook Profile
Vibodh Parthsarthi Vibodh, an academician, he is currently teaching in Centre For Culture Media and Governance, Jamia Milia Islamia. He, himself being an open-data enthusiast, Vibodh has been very active in terms of participating in different stages of execution of the project and during critical times has given key important suggestions and feedbacks for the team in developing its network and designing the future course of actions. Delhi Academic Profile
Vineet Local tribe.jpg
Vineet Kaul Vineet loves building products and then selling them. He has been working with startups through and through except a few years at Ericsson. His focus has been communities, messaging and digital economy. He had worked across 30 mobile carriers in around 18 countries bringing community, social networking and messaging solutions to the millions of users. His latest stint was with Paytm where he brought many digital categories to the consumers - Bus ticketing, Movies/Entertainment, kickstarted Travel etc. Vineet and his team are now working on bringing The Local Tribe to life. Delhi Linkedin Profile