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Open Data Express

An Open Data Express is fortnightly meet up of people from data science community. This community would bring people from data science under a roof to integrate a knowledge pool and work for common solutions. Open Data Express would be a platform for fostering networking and collaborating with the person from data science background across the country.


The major objectives of Open Data Express are:

-To bring in the community of data science enthusiastic and practitioners together.

-To make open data relevant to citizens.

Functioning Join Us

The Open Data Express would start up at the level from exploring at the existing Open Data sets which would be available, from there, they can have brainstorming sessions with the community. The idea of having the open session, discussions and workshop is to carve out the way how raw data can make relevance to citizens. One of the major objectives of the organization is to bridge the gap in unfolding the data to its simplest denominator.

The initiative would take up two basic task:

-Build Cumulative Knowledge

- Existing Project and Repository

There are possibility of paid project (Time getting compensated with paid projects)

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The express community would be vital in bringing the solutions as the robust approach would accomplish quick results and more comprehending solutions. Under this community-based process, Citizens should be able to take actions or benefit themselves from the knowledge which would be derived from data. Therefore, the challenge and goal is to simplify data, which is easy to comprehend for average citizens.

Our Vision

The collaboration of people from statistic/mathematician, technical and domain knowledge background can build an ecosystem, they would be able to impart skills and knowledge to citizens and vice-versa. This process would obtain dynamic results in terms that each would dispense best from their end.

One of the greatest strength of the community based working would be to provide opportunities to all the groups without any biases. This community plans to take up workshops, involve student community and integrate them for bringing the best results to the problems.

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Open Data Express initiative would bring the open source community to one floor. The community would explore new and exciting trend of in Open Data Science environment. It would nurture and sharpen your skills, keep pace with evolving technologies, and connect with the best of the human resources across the country!

We are looking forward to your suggestions and contribution to the community :)