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This is the India Open Data Association (IODA) wikipage, where you will find interesting facts about IODA, the idea of open data and different projects currently being undertaken by IODA. It is based on the concept of open sandbox project - where we design an idea and present it in a structured format and allow other users to play around with it through their innovative thoughts, ideas and things. Everything you'll find here is important for us in one way or another and has an impact on who we are and what we do.

We invite you to participate and actively get involved in this initiatve.

This Wiki is free for everyone – you can simply create a login and you can start commenting, discussing, writing! It's also a new way for us to communicate with the outside world. The only thing which matters to us is INTERACTION! Only through interaction, we can understand each other better. And a good understanding is needed to define great products and solutions! If you are asking yourself why the heck are they doing this – read here. We do have some reasons :-) Thank you!