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An active citizen group organized to mobilize people across Delhi to solve the growing air pollution crisis.

  • About the Event:

Clean Air Fair, is an event that was organized by "Help Delhi Breathe". It was a social-awareness event conveying the message of making the Delhi-Air clean through unconventional forms of music, art and public discussion. The event involved performances of some of the well known stage artists like Funkasaur, Asititva and many more. The event included narration of some of the important individuals who had worked in the domain of health and environmental welfare. The list of renowned gentlemen included Mr Ashutosh Dixit (URJA),Anumita Roy Choudhary (CSE), Dr. Randeep Guleria (AIIMS) and many more. The main aim was to create awareness that Delhi had become the world’s #1 most polluted city, and that is resulting in creating severe health complications on the lives of the Delhi people. More than 30,000 people have begun to face severe complications like asthma, strokes, heart disease and cancers due to air pollution.

The approach was to make people "LEARN" how they can protect themselves and their families from the dangers of air pollution, "MEET" the concerned citizens, businesses and organisations pushing in for innovative solutions, "EXPLORE" the opportunities for Delhi to solve the air pollution crisis,"LISTEN" to the fantastic speakers and experts & "ENJOY" a night of music and celebration, as well as art and kids' activities.

The stalls that were setup included "Help Delhi Breathe" coalition members, air purifying and monitoring services, protective mask makers, electric vehicle and renewable energy providers, organic food producers, water and waste management services and many more.

  • Why Important For IODA?:

The Clean Air Fair was an important event for IODA because:

a) It was a good platform to showcase the new air monitoring device called "AirOwl", which is the cheapest DIY based device available in Indian market. The device not only offers details about the current dust levels in different parts of Delhi, but also allow the users to share their air-quality data onto an open-data platform.

b) The event marked the inauguration of open-data air-monitoring platform called This platform is not only showcasing the air-quality data of 30 different locations of Delhi but the data which people will contribute via their respective AirOwls.

c) The event also helped in building a rapport with key players involved in air pollution issue such as Dr. Randeep Guleria, Anumita Roy Choudhary and many more. Their feedback and appreciation towards the initiative was a positive sign that the project which IODA is currently undertaking is on a right track.

d) Lastly, it helped in meeting other players involved in air-quality monitoring business and sharing the idea of IODA of making the data open. It also helped both IODA and other players in identifying alternative cost-effective hardware solutions which can offer access to data to the people in the cheapest way possible.

  • Pictures:
IODA stall at Clean Air Fair 2016
Work in progress
The owl doing its job